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Your Practice Pro is a web based service provided on a subscription basis. Pricing is simple; all features are provided based on how many staff and clients of the organization need to access the system, and how much data is maintained for the Practice. A simple, easy to engage, productive service that drives down operational costs and improves customer service for any legal practice.
  Your Practice Pro Level 1 Set Up Fee: $
up to 5 staff / users up to 200 records 2 gb of data space
Monthly Fee: $ Contact Us
  Your Practice Pro Level 2 Set Up Fee: $
up to 20 staff / users up to 500 records 10 gb of data space
Monthly Fee: $ Contact Us
  Your Pro Level 3 Enterprise Solutions - Set Up Fee: $
up to 50 staff / users up to 1000 records 50 gb of data space
Monthly Fee: $ Contact Us
Additional Users, Records and Data hosting can be accessed for nominal charges at any level
  Customization Services -  
A full development company, Your Practice Pro can customize system feature to meet your organizations needs including payroll integration, custom billing integration and many add on features at very costs effective prices.
Your Practice Pro means true collaboration amongst staff, clients, material, equipment, property, & company entities quickly & efficiently; reduce delays caused by disparate operational systems that cannot connect all information needed to complete legal work efficiently.


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